Rolling, rolling, rolling

We have managed to plug our wind turbine into its island system, just in time for the beginning of the summer semester 2014.

The turbine started spinning immediately after “pulling the trigger“. There is hope for gaining some kWh here and there !


The wind system is supposed to be extended into a Hybrid Island (wind + PV) throughout a Masters project at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) of Berlin (only in German). Next to the research on the combination of fluctuating renewable energy sources, the Hybrid Island is supposed to generate the energy for

  • the fridge of the Living Equia building as a permanent load
  • several low-energy devices (laptops, mobile-phones, musique) als dynamic loads


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Wind Turbine Tower up!

The wind turbine tower at Campus is up !!

Nevermind flower-power…Here’s tower-power!

Both tower and wind turbine have been planned and built by students of the HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences and are now complementing the “Living Equia” Solarbuilding with wind energy.

Unfortunately, the wind system is not yet connected to any (battery-) system. Until then it will be halted, which is why the turbine is not spinning (yet).

Photos as follows and videos further below (increase size by clicking on them!):

collage1Photos: wind turbine next to the Solarbuilding “LivingEquia” at the HTW-Campus Berlin (top), during installation in tilted position (below)
collage2Photos: close-ups of wind turbine tower

Video: Installation of  wind turbine tower as fast-forward (x8)

Video: Installation of wind turbine tower as original recording (6 min)

Note 1: The white stuff, which falls off the tower at the end, is just snow!
Note 2: Pulling up the tower takes around 30 min. The video above doesn’t show the whole process.

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